Disclaimer: all logos are registered trademarks to the company shown, not to be misinterpreted as a company owned by PTLC, LLC. Candidate outcomes will vary due to availability, background, work history, and many more factors. Jobs are not guaranteed outcomes will vary.

          Did you know that we assist with job placement? The success of our graduates starts with PTLC, LLC and ends with a career! Our staff works hard to provide adequate training in the classroom to assisting with job placement. We take pride in knowing our students are highly desired in their field of study, so much that employers contact us directly to see who is graduating soon! We offer our students time to come in and generate an awesome resume to submit to employers along with their career credentials such as a copy of the certificate of completion, proof of State or National Certifications, Resume, and much more! We do this to assist in a successful interview for candidates of employers. Many employers completing the interviewing process spend much of their time reviewing over hundreds of applications however many who are very qualified for a position may not be selected due lack of documentation at the time of the interview. We help our graduates understand that it is important to be prepared with the necessary items on hand at the time of the interview so when the process begins the FIRST IMPRESSION is delivered in a positive manner! Below are companies who have hired many of our graduates form all over Virginia and in some cases in other states. Just to name a few!