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Professional Technical Learning Center

About Us

Professional Technical Learning Center is an Accredited Career Training Facility based in Newport News, Virginia. We are known for our customized, hands on training which prepares individuals for the workforce or advancement within the healthcare field. Here at Professional Technical Learning Center will help individuals plan a career path that best suits their career goals. Planning a career is time consuming and stressful however with our knowledgeable staff to help, the stress of planning is lessened.

We are a training facility of dedicated, experienced instructors who believe in working with our students to obtain or improve their healthcare career path. We work together to serve the employing community through proper training and retention of knowledge for those entering the workforce. Our instructors believe in providing comprehensive health care training to our students in a goal oriented atmosphere conducive for learning. We also believe in educating our students on proper soft skills as we work with them on effective communication, stress management, and much more. 

Each instructor is certified by the appropriate credentialing board and comes to our center with years of experience in their area of specialty. Our board-certified instructors provide an array of teaching strategies to not only enhance but guide the knowledge based training's in a manner best suited for the field.

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