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Which payment option works best for you?

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Payment of course in full. 


Payment provided by a sponsorship or scholarship. Please note, if sponsored, a letter from the approving sponsor (such as DSS, DARS, WIA, MyCAA, etc.) must be provided prior to attendance of any course. Need assistance with finding funding click here for more information.


Payment plan - self pay. It is a requirement that 50% of the total for a program will be rendered as deposit and reserves seating for attendance. Remaining balance will be divided into even bi-weekly installments until course fees are satisfied. 

Course  $850.00
Deposit $425.00
Installment $212.50

Note: Payment plan options are only for Medication Aide, Nurse Aide, Pharmacy Technician, and Healthcare Career Packages. Personal Care Aide course must be paid in full prior to attendance.


Time is of the essence for every obligation under a payment plan.  The borrower will be given a three-day grace period commencing from the day the payment is due. If the late payment is not received within the grace period a late fee of $50.00 will be added onto any payments received late.


PTLC reserves the right to suspend attendance of any participant who defaults on 1 consecutive payment. Participant will be suspended until the payment is made, should an additional payment become due during the time of suspension then the outstanding amount and current payment must be satisfied prior to returning to class session. If a second occurrence occurs PTLC reserves the right to demand full payment of the program prior to the return of course participation. Should the participant miss the maximum days allowed for the duration of the program, no refunds will be given and the participant will incur new programs fees to restart the course selected. Participant may refer to the student orientation packet for attendance policy.


PTLC reserves the right to withhold issuance of a “Certificate of Completion” from any program a learner is attending due to failure of financial obligation. Upon completion of financial obligation, the “Certificate of Completion” shall be released to the learner. 


Charge backs are designated as returned checks, credit card declining, and credit card charge back. Return checks to include money order and cashier’s check under this definition of “CHECKS”. The return fee for checks is $35 plus a processing fee of $10.00. Credit Card decline on reoccurring payment accounts $5.00 fee for each attempt, a maximum of 3 attempts in a 72 hrs will be made, after 3rd attempt the late fee of $50.00 plus $15.00 will be applied to the amount due. Credit card charge backs will receive an automatic $35.00 fee applied with payment due.


Returning students will receive a 10% discount off any program. Requirements are as follow, student must have successfully completed a previous program and no outstanding account balance. 


1. The student agrees to pay the tuition in accordance with the dates and amounts set forth in the payment arrangement plan. 
2. Each payment must be paid in full when due. Professional Technical Learning Center may consider a missed, late, or partial payment a breach of contract. 
3. Any unpaid tuition will remain the liability of the debtor. After reasonable attempts have been made to collect this debt, the debt will be remitted to a collection specialist for further collection attempts. A debt in collections may negatively affect the debtor's credit rating or score and the debtor agrees to bear all collections costs and attorney's fees associated with the collection of this debt. 
4. Student dismissal in accordance with the Student Policy Handbook or voluntary course withdrawal still constitutes full course attendance; the undersigned will be responsible to pay the full course tuition. 
5. Previously paid installments (including deposits) made by the undersigned are not eligible for a refund. 
6. The undersigned agrees that in the event of program withdrawal or dismissal whereby a third-party payer has contributed funding, the undersigned will pay the entire tuition, regardless of the timing of course withdrawal or dismissal. 
7. In the event of the breach of any portion of this agreement, the entire remaining principal sum shall become fully due and payable without notice at the option of the holder of this agreement. Failure to exercise this option shall not constitute a waiver of the right to exercise the same in the event of any subsequent breach. 
8. All class specific promotions are not eligible to be combined with other offers and are non-transferable. 

*Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to a later class if the request is made 5 business days prior to the class start date. Please contact a Program Director to request specific class change requests.


1) Redeemer must meet our minimum requirements for admission as a student.
2) Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.
3) Limit one offer per person.
4) Not redeemable for cash; not transferable.
5) Does not apply to third-party payers (Worklink, VIEW, MyCAA, OppInc, DARS, DHHS, DSS, Elevate).
6) Offer must be presented during registration.